Positive Ways to Conquer High Stress

Hey Everyone! As some of you know, I’ve been having a REALLY difficult week. I’ll save the details (I talked a little bit about it in my recent vlog, but I wanted to share with you guys some of the positive ways I’ve been conquering high stress. I figure if I can help others during times of difficulty, that in itself is a great motivator to make smart choices! 

Positive Ways to Conquer High Stress


Don’t drain those around you, but vent to those you can count on. If you have nobody, either vlog, write (whether it be public or private), and just let out that stress. If you’re talking amongst others regarding your current events, try to abstain from gossip. I know… I know… and I am guilty as heck when it comes to this, but I really make an effort to focus on my feelings, instead of an opposing party’s feelings, actions or attitude. No matter what you do, they won’t change, so why even bother giving them the energy? Where will it leave you other than frustrated still? It’s best to vent about your current feelings. Yes, some may be curious, and I believe it’s appropriate to give a quick breakdown on what’s happening, but make sure you are focused on your current feelings and how you can overcome them. Trust me, you’ll feel much better. 


It’s so tempting to binge out on junk food, booze and for some people drugs. DON’T do this guys. I know, I know, feels good man! but that stuff isn’t going to contribute to you feeling better. You’ll only feel like shit the next day, or even same day if you’re very indulgent. If you want pizza, make a healthy one. Some whole wheat pita, a little olive oil, pasta sauce and cheese goes a long way guys! Drink ice cold coconut water, or something healthy and nourishing (I love chocolate coconut water. It’s hella good!) I try to abstain from copious amounts of caffeine when I’m stressed out, so I turn to healthier alternatives like iced green tea and chocolate coconut water. 


I’m not a religious woman, but I am a spiritual one. Spirituality is about feeding your spirit with healthy stuff, positive affirmations, calming your mind and going to sleep happy at night. I’ve been getting into chanting lately, and it’s really been helping me fall asleep. I chant in my head so I don’t wake up my darling significant other, but I chant things that I wish were already my reality (I am the most successful blogger in the world”) etc. and it’s totally okay to be self absorbed in that manner. Obviously I’m not in competition with any fellow amazing bloggers, but I want to be the best in MY eyes, and strive for it. However, you gotta convince yourself that you are before you become. I’m a huge believer in that Law of Attraction (yes, I love both the book and documentary of  The Secret and recommend it to everyone). Listen to spiritual and soothing YouTube loops, feed your mind with calm and peace. 



What would you do if you could get paid for doing it for the rest of your life? What would you consider investing into if you already have/or had millions of dollars? Do that. For me, it’s blogging. If I won 200 million dollars today, I would still blog, make YouTube videos and venture into my creative avenues and expertise (I’m a professional cook and been playing the guitar for almost 2 decades). Do what you love guys. If you wish you were a famous singer, get your ass on YouTube and start singing, get a SoundCloud account, and dive into your passions and dreams. THAT is how it works. I cope by playing music, writing on my platforms and writing recipes. Now, I get to vlog as well and it’s amazing. Don’t be shy. Go for it. You’ve got this one beautiful life! 


I don’t care if it means calling in sick, turning your phone off, and closing all of the curtains. You don’t need to check your mail right this second. Your health is important. You need to take time out for yourself and sometimes be selfish. We live in this world where we feel like we constantly owe everyone else an explanation. Yes, sometimes us taking time for ourselves means someone else will be inconvenienced. This isn’t a habitual mindset, and this advice should be taken sparingly. If you’re going through a time of grieving, a time of extreme stress, please take some time to yourself. The rest of the world will do just fine for a day or even a week. Put yourself first. Guilt free. 

It gets better

Remember that this will get better. Even tragedy gets easier to cope with. Scars from those wounds may always be there, but those wounds will heal. Just take care of yourself and shut the world out for a day or two, and take care of yourself. Don’t self wallow, don’t abuse your body, and please don’t abuse those around you. Just take time to know you are human, there is only so much you can handle and manage at once, and when you decompress you will be able to tackle those problems with a refreshed attitude. 

I sincerely wish you the best. You are obviously here because you are searching for advice, and I’m here to tell you, it will pass, and you will get through this and be stronger for it. I love you guys! 




How to Stay Positive and Productive When You’re dreadfully Stressed Out

Hey Fam! 

It’s been a while since I’ve written an advice post. Lately I have been extremely happy here in Australia. I am starting to settle into this new country, and my partner and I get along spectacularly. We both work hard and enjoy each other’s positive energy when we are winding down together. However, I still have a lot of stress in my life. I’m finalizing my divorce, and finally getting my kids over here in about a week, which I’m extremely excited about because I get to have them earlier than I was supposed to. All that matters is that I’ll have the kids here. So we are gearing up and super happy. 

Sometimes communication with an ex spouse can be a little stressful, especially when respect is deficient and unfortunately this continues to linger on into my new life. As supportive and understanding my partner is, I like to manage my own drama in order to keep our environment a positive one. I will most likely VLog about this as well in order to help other people manage their stress levels when you feel a bit worked up and on edge. 

Run: Just workout or exercise. Get off of your butt and get your endorphins going. I always feel 100% better when I go for a run or work up a sweat, and it’s an amazing outlet instead of just sitting around and stewing over shit you can’t control. 

You Can’t Change It. Accept It: My ex husband may not parent like I do, or even acknowledge the effort I make when I’m compensating, but I can’t change that. So I work on letting it go. It sucks when you feel blown off and constantly disrespected, but when you acknowledge that you can only try to make the most of it, then it gets easier to handle. You always want to be a person of integrity and carry yourself in a respectful manner. Who cares if someone doesn’t respect you? Just continue to do your best to be respectful and understand you can’t change anything. 

Turn Your Stress Into Something Creative and Productive: Am I not doing this right now by writing this post? I can take my stress, turn it into a creative outlet for me, with the hopes to helping someone else who may stumble onto this article. It’s much better than just huffing and puffing. Plus, if you blog full time, you can make a little extra money. Nothing wrong with that no is there? 

Escapism: This should be used in moderate doses. Take it from someone who abused it. Video games, playing guitar, watching shows and movies are all great, but you shouldn’t rely on them unless you plan on using those hobbies and turning them into something productive (like streaming or YouTube etc).  I like to designate a day to just be lazy as fuck and bask in my hobbies. It helps me disconnect from deadlines and my personal deadlines. 

Set some personal goals for yourself. Make them small and work toward them. Then you can get into the habit of making and sticking to larger goals. It has helped me manage my stress while adjusting to my new life. 

Amby <3 

How to Cope with Homesickness After Moving to a New Country

Hey Fam!

As many of you know, I moved to Australia via the United States not too long ago. It’s been an amazing journey to learn and grow as a person, be able to see the world and have these new and exciting experiences , but it isn’t all glamorous. I am in a really safe and happy environment, am able to focus on my work and goals without negativity around me, and feel much more at ease in some aspects than I did back home, because I didn’t feel ‘at home’ there for a dreadfully long time. 

However, I am desperately homesick at times, and have been having a difficult time coping being away from my loved ones, surroundings, and even missing things I took for granted like my routine Starbucks trips for iced green tea (it isn’t a thing here), and feeling independent in terms of driving around. Hell, I’m even having a difficult time understanding a lot of the local lingo, and feel a bit intimidated still. 

This has been adding to me feeling distraught, but I have been taking some steps in order to really catch my breath and transition into a new country. I hope through my difficulties adjusting I’m able to help someone else out there who may be, or will be facing the same obstacles. 

Take it day by day: You aren’t expected to know or do everything all at once. Simply adjusting to your new home and surroundings each day is the step in the right direction. It’s natural to feel a little lost and hopeless at times, but that’s okay. Life isn’t always blissful, and even when it is beautiful and happy, there is some necessary strength training to partake in. 

Go for short walks: This has been helping me adjust to a new country. Little things like getting used to the direction of traffic, and where to look first while crossing the street seem small, but when you’re on the ground it makes all the difference. I’m so used to walking on the right side when I’m crossing paths with oncoming pedestrians, so now I have to adjust to scooting toward my left out of courtesy to give them space on the sidewalk. 

I’ve also been taking in the local nature, smelling and viewing the pretty eucalyptus trees and listening to unknown bugs and seeing birds that aren’t native to my home. These little things, help me adjust while clearing my mind. 

Talk to your loved ones: Aside from my children, I haven’t reached out to anyone to be honest. If I do subtly, I’m usually blown off. It’s kind of reinstating that I’m meant to be here right now, and that I have the opportunity to know and meet new people to love and cherish. I am extremely close to my children, and although they’ve been adjusting well from my understanding, I haven’t been. So, I call them daily and we chat about the things we did, ate and saw. We share photos and videos, all which helps me feel like they really aren’t too far away until I get to see them again. 

So whether or not reaching out is positive or negative, you can see the optimism in both scenarios. 

Processes your feelings: It’s okay to cry quietly to yourself. You aren’t a negative person because you have feelings, and it’s okay to talk about them too. I know a lot of people in my personal life are constantly waiting to see me fail, and gossip about the choices I’ve made, but you know what? I don’t owe anyone an explanation nor do I need to prove anyone wrong. I’m allowing myself to grieve, cope and adjust, but I’m also allowing myself to take in this rich journey. 

Try New Things to Eat:  Anytime I go to the super market or out to eat, I try to find something that is new to me. It can be a native fruit, a confection or a fast food place. Trying new things to eat while traveling or living abroad is an amazing mood booster and adds to your journey. There are so many big experiences I’ve had just by trying an unfamiliar flavor profile or confection that the locals would see nothing more than normal. 

I hope this advice helps you guys that have or are planning on a big move. This advice isn’t meant to discourage anyone. Moving overseas is one of the most fascinating and difficult journeys I’ve allowed myself to take. Despite people tearing me down, or belittling me about my choices, I did it anyway and the people who have been encouraging and kind have helped me cope with this transition. 

I look forward to creating so many new memories and treating this beautiful life like the adventure it is. It is much better than living day-to-day in a routine of being silently miserable. Let your heart and spirit lead you and don’t abstain due to the “what ifs”.