Geeky Goodies: Animal Crossing Stationary

Hey Fam! I would like to start a new series on my blog and YouTube channel, where I share some cool gaming, anime, comic etc. stuff that I come across. Since I am often asked, “where did you get that?” now I can show you all! So, welcome to Geeky Goodies: Animal Crossing Stationary. I also have my own ecommerce store as well, NerdyMerch, so be sure to check that out. 

I think I’ve made it clear by now that my kids will be headed to California to spend spring break and some of summer with the rest of their loved ones. As much as I’m going to miss them I strive for ways for us to keep in touch. I even have an article about international co-parenting. My kids and I are extremely close, and we all happen to love the video game franchise, Animal Crossing. We were playing one of the older games a few nights ago, Animal Crossing Wild World, and were writing letters to some of our friends in town. My daughter made the suggestion that we should write little letters on pretty stationary to each other. 

Geeky Goodies: Animal Crossing Stationary

I happened to have some Animal Crossing stationary, as I originally bought it for this exact reason. This stationary is handmade by an Etsy seller, CraftWithZeal and I highly recommend you check them out. They do ship world-wide, but please keep in mind that shipping to Australia will be a bit of a financial hit. This has nothing to do with the seller at all, but importing taxes. I purchased this stationary while I was in California, and was very pleased with the prompt service, and personal touches this seller added. She even drew a picture of Isabelle from Animal Crossing New Leaf on my envelope. I wish I still had it! Geeky Goodies: Animal Crossing Stationary

The Etsy seller even wrote a hand written thank you card on her stationary. These special little touches made me so happy, and I had always meant to get around to reviewing this store. I love supporting small, creative businesses and think blogging is a great platform to do just that. 

Geeky Goodies: Animal Crossing Stationary

I highly recommend CraftWithZeal and will definitely purchase from her again. 

Gaming Guitar and Cooking Q&A Video

Hey fam! I answered ten of your questions in this video linked below. As many of you know, I am a professional cook, guitarist and of course, avid gamer. I love talking about these subjects and it’s inspired me to offer more content to my blog. 

I wanted to say thank you for your support. This blog just reached 22 THOUSAND subscribers! I’m stoked and freaked out at the same time. As some of you know, I have disabled comments right now due to fighting a spam bot. It’s driving me nuts and scrubbing my site is tedious. My little YouTube channel, is ALMOST at 1 thousand subscribers too. I have been posting content almost daily since December of 2016. My gaming friends and new friends have been so supportive. It’s such a trip that some of you binge watch my crazy videos. It means a lot and I hope they make you happy. 

Thank you SO much for your support and for allowing me to follow my dreams. I want others to be inspired and understand that content creating takes relentless work. On average I invest 10-16 hours a day 6-7 days a week right now. I do get burnt out and have to force myself to take some time off, and I will be a bit this week and next in order to spend time with my amazing kids before they fly to California to spend spring break and some summer fun with their loved ones and then decompress and catch up on shows and being lazy for a few days afterwards. I’ll be insanely busy next month so I’m going to chill out first. 

I want to continue to entertain and inform you guys about food, cooking, and eventually will add some guitar and gaming content on a consistent basis on these platforms since they are frequently requested. I’m currently renovating my spare bedroom for YouTube and my photo studio. Ben and I work really hard to keep your tummies and hearts full. Damn that sounded lame. LOL! 

I love you guys, 




Visiting Cat Cuddle Cafe in Brisbane Australia

Hey Everyone! My family and I had such a wonderful afternoon Visiting Cat Cuddle Cafe in Brisbane Australia recently and wanted to share the experience with you guys. Cat Cuddle Cafe is more than just a cat lady’s paradise filled with kitty merchandise, vegan snacks like cupcakes, savory pies and slices, there are craft workshops and all proceeds go toward caring for these adorable kitties in order to provide them with a new home. Yes! You can adopt a cat at Cat Cuddle Cafe! Unfortunately, my renting agreement doesn’t allow pets, but the next place we move it is mandatory that cats are allowed, since Ben and I want at least 4 kitties. It’s always a good idea to adopt a cat in need instead of going to a fancy breeder, because these pets deserve a chance at a happy life and the people who volunteer their time tending to their emotional well-being deserve to see these cuties off to good homes. 

Visiting Cat Cuddle Cafe in Brisbane Australia

The Area where the kitties hang out in is closed off for their protection, but they do have an outdoor area where they can relax on comfy furniture and are protected from the wild. The room is huge, full of toys, treats, comfy couches with fluffy blankets, kitty books, a table for guests to relax (or blog at), and is 100% cat friendly. They even have a built in cat shelf and tunnel around the room up high for kitties to roam free and feel like they are on top of the world, and above all of us pesky humans. 

Visiting Cat Cuddle Cafe in Brisbane Australia

The staff does an amazing and professional job at introducing us to each kitty, encouraging us to cuddle, pet and hold the kitties and to wash our hands prior to enjoying their company. The environment is very warm and cozy. The place does NOT smell like pets. It is bright with an abundance of fresh air since the outdoor area is open at all times. These kitties have their own kitchen too! It was so cool! 

Be sure to check out my video to see inside the Cat Cuddle Cafe in Brisbane! ^_^

Visiting Cat Cuddle Cafe in Brisbane Australia

The cafe portion of the Cat Cuddle Cafe is a cat lovers dream come true. The shelves are filled with cute cat ear headbands adorned with crystals and pearls, kitty shaped hand bags, delicate figurines, stickers, games and books. It all made me happy and I wanted to buy everything in sight! 

Visiting Cat Cuddle Cafe in Brisbane Australia

There is nothing quite like being cuddly and cozy with a cute and friendly cat. I wish I could adopt all of these guys but at least I can put the word out there that there are really awesome places like the Cat Cuddle Cafe who help kitties find good homes. 


Floam and Slime Recipes for Australians

Hey Everyone! I have been insanely obsessed with slime and floam videos lately, so I wanted to create my very own Flaom and Slime Recipes for Australians and share with you all. However, it has been really difficult finding the appropriate ingredients for these fun projects, mostly trying to find Borax here in Australia has been a nightmare! I wasted so much time searching everywhere, and the only place I could find the stuff was on Amazon, but even with shipping that would be about $30, so I don’t think may Australian residents would like that idea! 

Floam and Slime Recipes for Australians

I did come across other alternatives, but none of them seemed to work. We don’t have Tide here, and the corn starch method was a bit flop (it dried out so quickly). I did see other YouTubers use ironing starch, so I tried Fabulon and it worked perfectly! Even though I do miss my native state of California, U.S.A. at times, I am really happy to go on these crazy little journeys if it means I get to make life a little easier on others who stop by and enjoy my content! 

The base recipe for slime is very simple:

1 part PVA glue to 1 Part Fabulon worked for me 

You can add a little food coloring, glitter etc to personalize it. 

I used some foamy bean bag balls for my floam recipe, but keep in mind that this sort of recipe should be made with kids under adult supervision, and be sure to tidy up sufficiently if you have little ones and/or pets at home! Below you will find the ingredients via Amazon (affiliate) and some local suppliers (not sponsored) for your shopping convenience along with my recipe for this video tutorial. Enjoy guys!

PVA Glue

Foam Balls

Purple Food Coloring

Purple Glitter


Purple Floam Recipe without Borax
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  1. 1 part PVA Glue
  2. 1 part Fabulon Spray Starch (plastic spray bottle)
  3. 1-2 drops of purple food coloring
  4. generous amount of glitter
  5. about 5 parts foam balls
  1. In a small bowl, combine glue, food coloring and glitter until completely combined
  2. Add in Fabulon until mixture is no longer sticky and solidifies a bit
  3. If you need more, add in a little bit at a time
  4. In a large bowl, place your foam balls and slowly pour in slime
  5. Gently mix and combine, squish and stir your floam until all loose foam balls are gone
  6. Store in an airtight container

American Tries Weird Australian Candy

Hey Guys! I had SO much fun trying some very unusual Australian candies this week! I wanted to thank everyone for the love and support for my growing channel. I love taste testing and mukbang videos so much. 

If you are interested in a mukbang show without the smacking and noisy chewing, welp, my content just might be what you’re looking for. Oh, and I’ve added some affiliate links regarding some of the products I tried for your convenience! I hope you guys enjoy and if you have any recommendations, please feel free to let me know! Please keep in mind that all opinions are my own. This content was not sponsored. 🙂 



Chiko Babies
Cherry Ripe
Turkish Delight
Musk Sticks




Hey Fam! I wanted to say thank you for supporting my revived YouTube channel, and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying MY MUKBANG EATING SHOW! It makes me really happy and motivates me to continue to create content, and as I get the hang of vlogging, I’ll continue to make my best efforts so that my content is of the best quality I can offer. You’ve all been nothing but awesome, and I’m really feeling ambitious to grow my little online imprint because of the positive vibes. When I can’t film or write, I feel like I’m missing out on capturing content that could be informative, and hopefully entertaining, for you all! 

I have some creative projects planned for both my website(s) and YouTube channel. They will take time, and right now I am recording with an iPhone 6 Plus. I’ll continue to do my best and make my best efforts. I love eating shows (mukbang) and am so excited to have my own little spot in the mukbang universe. I may be a small fry still, and perhaps I’m a bit shy and don’t like to chomp chew slurp and gasp while I’m eating, but I do things in my own style, and all I can promise is to be genuine! 








Here are a few of my recent mukbang videos. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know! I have a few planned ahead, but I would like to continue to eat and teach while I’m eating. 🙂 You guys are ridiculous and amazing. I hope I contribute some how in my own weird and little way to bringing a smile to your face. 




I’m Reviving My Old YouTube Channel!

Hey Fam!

Thank you for the recent encouragement on Twitter about reviving my old YouTube channel! I know it may not seem like a big ordeal to you, but I sincerely missed creating content. I deleted all of my videos due to having some really personal and sad hardships but am finally starting to feel super creative, inspired and just back in alignment with myself. Sometimes you have to do some serious soul searching and make very tough decisions in life in order to grow and in order to live a happier life. It sure as hell isn’t easy but anyone can do it. 

I hope you find a bit of entertainment or something constructive to my videos. I’ll list the first three below for you guys. Since I moved abroad, as many of you know, it’s a great opportunity to give a few tips in my YouTube videos. I’ll try to post daily! 

I'm Reviving My Old YouTube Channel!




My Current Favorite Original Soundtracks from Video Games

Hey Fam!

I thought it would be awesome to share with you some of my favorite vidya soundtracks. As a lot of you know, I’ve been a guitarist for nearly 20 years and a gamer for even longer, so anytime I play a game I want to learn about the composers, arrange/learn songs. It’s a huge element in gaming that’s really significant to me and I thought it would be a great opportunity to not only share some amazing music with you but for some of you to get a little more of an idea of who I am, for what it’s worth. Plus, it’s a questions I’m often asked. These games aren’t in any particular order. 


My Current Favorite Original Soundtracks from Video Games

Listen to Missing Translation Soundtrack Demo HERE

Missing Translation is this addicting indie puzzle game that I started to play about a year or two ago. The music is so simple, optimistic and mellow, I sometimes leave the game on just to hear the music in the background while I work or help my kids with their studies. I couldn’t find a big list link for it’s music but what I provided is a sample and not even my favorite piece of music from the game.


My Current Favorite Original Soundtracks from Video Games

Listen to Mass Effect 3 Original Soundtrack  HERE

Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack is pretty significant to me due to feelings provoked while playing this game, queue Leaving Earth feels, and mood setting that can apply to your own feelings while trying to decompress. I listen to Mass Effect 3 music when I want to focus on my writing work, or when I’m reflecting on major life choices. It has this almost antiquated video game music element to it that I can’t help but like despite it being a pretty modern game. When I took my first trip overseas a few weeks ago I had this soundtrack on repeat while I watched the sunrise over the vast ocean. It was a really surreal moment for me due to making so many important decisions in my life and just made me feel really at peace and sad all at once. 




My Current Favorite Original Soundtracks from Video Games

Listen to Skyrim Original Soundtrack HERE

Skyrim is one of my favorite games of all times, and my favorite within the Elder Scrolls series. The soundtrack is absolutely dynamic and Jeremy Soule is a phenomenal composer. The soundtrack set the entire mood for this game and provoked strong and fearless feelings, which is something I’ve always admired about how powerful the imagination brought to life can be. It makes me think about how vulnerable people really are due to our senses and I personally enjoy every moment of allowing myself to feel free in that moment while playing games like Skyrim. 

My Current Favorite Original Soundtracks from Video Games

Listen to Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack HERE

I was HIGHLY anticipating the release of FF XIII and remember immediately feeling blown away by the main menu’s music.  This entire game is so vast and the music composed is breathtaking. Definitely out of everything I’ve heard by Masashi Hamauzu during his years with Square Enix, this soundtrack in my opinion is his best work. I listen to this soundtrack on on loop just about every day and have been for years. It’s best to listen to late at night while I’m working on my blogs or browsing the internet. 

My Current Favorite Original Soundtracks from Video Games

I have only become familiar with Yoko Shimormura’s work with Final Fantasy XV because I didn’t play the MMO but I was in awe when I played the Platinum Demo a few months back. Once I was able to hear the complete soundtrack I was floored at how dynamic it was. Shimormura maintained the spirit of Final Fantasy and added incredible elements of suspense and drama to the series’ musical history. Like FF XIII, play this just about every day while I’m working or thinking. I’ve been really bad about spoilers with Final Fantasy XV, but despite not playing the game yet I already feel intense emotions when I listen to this soundtrack being already familiar with the Final Fantasy Universe and anticipating this release wholeheartedly. 

My Current Favorite Original Soundtracks from Video Games

Listen to The Last Of Us Original Soundtrack HERE

I had wanted to play The Last Of Us since it’s release but wasn’t able to due to a borky PS3. I finally had that opportunity this year and was immediately captivated by the minimalism of this soundtrack. It also introduced me to the world of composer, Gustavo Santaolalla. I was wholeheartedly impressed with how he was able to set a semitone for an entire game with such an unornamented approach. The best way I can translate his style of arranging music is preparing an extremely simple meal and letting the ingredients in their natural state, speak for themselves. I know that’s a silly analogy but I am a cook by trade so it’s the best I can come up with! I listen to this soundtrack when I feel a bit bleak or uncertain about my current circumstances. 

My Current Favorite Original Soundtracks from Video Games

Listen to To The Moon Soundtrack HERE

The best way I can describe the To The Moon soundtrack is innocent and emotionally curious. The main theme is powerful enough to emphasize whatever mood you wish to be in if you’re happy or sad that it could be played at both your wedding and your funeral.  I loved indie game so much but I also hated it because it’s extremely sad. I love listening to it when I’m working on projects or pumpkin baking bread at 3 a.m.


My Current Favorite Original Soundtracks from Video Games

Listen to Life is Strange Soundtrack HERE

Life is Strange is one of my favorite story games, and the soundtrack has a lot of personal meaning to me because I started to play this game when I met someone very special, so it inflicts a lot of positive memories for me during a really difficult time in my life. I know the game and music has a bit of a hipster vibe to it, but I honestly appreciate it a lot and have many times listened to the main menu credits on loop while falling asleep. I will always love this game’s soundtrack for personal reasons. It definitely sets the tone of facing major challenges in life while maintaining a calm composer. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my list. It’s so amazing to me at how powerful and influential gaming can have on your life and mood. It’s more than a hobby to many of us, but a lifestyle. I want to inspire others to really appreciate what game developers and composers are capable of doing for us. Artistic expression is transparent; you know when a composer or game developer is sharing a part of their spirit with you and that takes a lot of courage to express yourself and allow the entire world to critique you for it. No matter if it’s simple or complex in skill, translating your heart is what makes for an amazing game opposed to pumping out content for a quick profit. 

My Current Favorite Original Soundtracks from Video Games

Gears of War 4 Campaign Review – No Story Spoilers


Gears of War 4 Campaign Review - No Story Spoilers

Hey Fam!

I was really excited to receive quite a bit of positive feedback during a recent Twitter poll regarding me adding some video game reviews to my blog. Since I love Gears of War and was very much so anticipating the current installment, Gears of War 4, I thought I’d give it a shot! I just finished the campaign this week and took plenty of notes. 

WARNING! Although there are no story spoilers, below I will elaborate on the gameplay and a few opinions on mechanics of new weapon selection and enemies. Read at your own risk. 


Previously, Gears of War delivered a standard linear 3rd Person Shooter. We know the algorithm within the franchise; take cover with each wave, throw in a few funny one-liners and don’t run out of ammo. Final boss will be a bit more of a challenge. Parkour! It’s a Berserker!

Problem with previous installments is, it got a bit predictable and I’ll be honest, I was dreading that possibility with Gears of War 4 but luckily I was in awe at how well this game was choreographed. Each Horde wave within every chapter offered new challenging and exciting elements.

Gears of War 4 Campaign Review - No Story Spoilers

You have to manage your defenses while combating enemies, environmental hazards, whether it be industrial or harsh weather, and your little safe space behind a comfy wall will most likely be replaced with an incubation pod, which may or may not have a nasty surprise in it, or a flimsy fence which would most likely give you fuckin’ tetanus in real life. 

I was addicted to using my lancer’s chainsaw bayonet to pop open every pod I came across when I wasn’t in the middle of a raid. Supporting characters will comedically bitch at you for it! A little bit of an easter egg. 


Gears of War 4 Campaign Review - No Story Spoilers



 There were far more interesting enemies, all with their own attributes and weaknesses, and bosses were a pain in the ass to beat. Each chapter I was on the edge of my seat and saying, “holy fuck this is fucking ridiculous!” I was genuinely excited with each wave and equally nervous. 

Enemies are much more intelligent in this game than in previous installments and they are even more so ruthless! A Drone took a lancer to my butt and sliced me in half 🙁 

Gears of War 4 Campaign Review - No Story Spoilers


Some of the enemies had me cringing in all the right ways too! Imagine being ingested by a roided bug-like creature who wants to harvest your body! They call them Snatchers for a reason. They’re semi-difficult to kill, very quick runners and jumpers too. However, these… will be the least of your problems at times. 


Gears of War 4 Campaign Review - No Story Spoilers



One of my favorite elements to Gears of War is the revamping of iconic weapons. The lancer has been modernized and modified as it has always evolved somewhat in previous games.

Ammo count is both stronger for standard and custom weapons too (560 total for custom lancer. If I recall it was about 400 in previous Gears and lower prior), which sort of balances in my opinion, as this game was a bit more chaotic than previous Gears. 


Gears of War 4 Campaign Review - No Story Spoilers

 You’re able to do a bit of stealth melee as well which comes in handy when you’re being stingy with ammo (or desperate like me) and you don’t have too many enemies left to dispose of. You  have to be quick though as it’s not something you should heavily rely on. The addition to a combat knife results in some pretty brutal and exciting executions. 

The longshot sniper rifle was aesthetically awkward and took an awfully long time to reload, which is something that is pretty frustrating within Gears of War to be honest. I’m accepting of the reload time with automatic weapons, but having such a dreadful delay for a single shot rifle is a bit ridiculous. I personally don’t recommend it for the campaign as it’s pretty useless. 

Best way I can describe the embar is a sawed off shotgun for robots that has to be charged. You get three rounds so its beset utilized for flanking. I kept this on me to stun more difficult enemies during waves and it definitely came in handy. 

Weapon Spoiler Alert: 

One of my favorite parts of the last Act and Chapter of Gears of War 4 was using this Transformer looking mech. It was so liberating being able to stomp out your enemies, kick cars around and call in missiles to target enormous enemies. 


Gears of War 4 Campaign Review - No Story Spoilers



The story reveals some really interesting history about planet Sera if you pay close attention. The story structure, however, is unfortunately consistent with older games; a few intense moments, some laughs and a predictable mystery. I think the reason why we become so emotionally invested is because the characters are brilliantly brought to life by amazing voice talent, that it compensates for half-assed story writing.

Gameplay was phenomenally improved compared to previous Gears and I was extremely satisfied about that. I wasn’t bored or growing tired from grinding through each chapter and some of the newer weapon mechanics are a bit tricky to adapt to but not complicated, which makes gameplay pleasantly challenging. 

I definitely do and have been recommending Gears of War 4 to anyone who has a bitter taste in their mouths from previous titles and has definitely been one of my favorite releases of 2016. 



Overwatch D.Va Gremlin Cosplay Makeup



My son and I are huge Overwatch fans, and as a fun surprise I did my makeup today like D.Va, along with my new favorite D.Va Bunny decal t-shirt I purchased from Amazon. He loved it and so did my online friends.

I thought I’d share with you the products I used to achieve this simple and fun look. I prefer Korean-style makeup most of the time because it is so dewy and light. In my opinion, it’s a great way to accentuate your natural looks while maintaining a youthful element without looking like you’re trying too hard. I am in my 30’s after all! I’ve personally never been a big fan of the mature, heavy makeup look but mostly because I can’t pull it off well.


On Final Tip: Doritos Mountain Dew are a must to complete D.Va gremlin look! ;D I hope some of these tips come in handy for you serious cosplayers out there. Me? I just like doing this for fun! Loner Life! 😀


Overwatch D.Va Gremlin Cosplay Makeup

Products I used for this look:

     1. BB Cream by SKIN79: This BB cream is 100% my favorite brand and BB Cream by the brand. I’ve tried the gold bottle too, but in my opinion, the pink bottle is brighter. The coverage is great so remember, a little goes a long way. I like to mix it with the #2 product, Etude House Face Conditioning Cream for a more supple and hydrated look. A little goes a long way so I use a little more than a pea-size amount for the cream and double it for the BB cream.

      2.   Etude House Face Conditioning Cream: This stuff is a must in my arsenal. Sometimes BB creams can be a bit on the dry side. I have normal-dry skin so I need all the help I can get. This cream also brightens your complexion and protects skin from harmful rays from the sun, so a lot of times when I’m lazy I just apply this to my face as-is and head out for exercise/run errands. It’s a fantastic product!

3. Benefit High Beam: This highlighter is the best I’ve tired. I used to be obsessed with Artificial Light by Smashbox but seem to have a difficult time finding it these days. However, in my opinion, High Beam is even better. It gives an extremely light hint of a rose color which makes your dewy makeup look even more natural. I apply a small amount to the bridge of my nose, my cupid’s bow, cheek bones and brow bones. Sometimes I dab a little on the crease of my chin right under my bottom lip and finish with a little bronzer.

4. MAYBELLINE Stiletto Liquid Liner: For a drugstore brand, this stuff is really impressive and affordable. I paid  under $10.00 for it and it’s long lasting, not cakey and comes in brown and black. I love using brown liquid liner because as you age, sometime black liner can weigh down your eyes which make you appear a little older. So for my everyday makeup, I stick to brown liners and mascaras. I simply create a classic wing tip on my top lid.

   5. Etude house Tear Eye Liner: This stuff is delicately sparkly and completes a lot of my looks. I use this product on the bottom lids to emulate the famous aeygo look which makes your eyes look a little puffy and cute. I like that this product isn’t heavy. It gives a subtle pop to achieve an age appropriate version of cute puffy eyes.

  6. Missha LINE Friends Mascara: I like this mascara a lot. The price point is very reasonable at under $10.00 USD and it works very well. Is it the best? No, but definitely not the worst. I like it for light makeup days and it doesn’t clump up on lower lashes which is a plus.

 7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow LinerI love this stuff, and have a few shades since I do color my hair and play with wigs. In this photo, I am using the Auburn pot, but use what best suits your aesthetic. A little goes a long way, so it’s worth the price of $18.00 USD. Works great with a small angled brow brush.

   8. Missha LINE Friends Lip Tint: I wrote a review a while back on this stuff, and used this shade, pink soda, for this look. D.Va rocks a soft pink doll lip and this lip tint is perfect for it!  This stuff is great and the packaging is super kawaii!

   9. LuckyFine Special Effects Body Paint:  If you aren’t interested in investing in a Ben Nye makeup kit, LuckyFine makes a really cool pallet perfect for those on a budget or starting out with any sort of cosplay, special effects etc. I love this stuff. It is oil based so keep in mind for smudging. I love this stuff because it does not stain my skin and I haven’t had any issue with it sweating off. It’s under $20.00 USD and overall a very diverse product.

Overwatch D.Va Gremlin Cosplay Makeup

I hope you enjoyed this simple makeup guideline! I loved playing around with this look and even happier it brought a few smiles to peoples faces.

This post contains affiliate links.