Australia vs. USA McDonald’s

Hey Fam! As a traveler, chef and food lover, trying and comparing products in different countries has been a really fun and eye-opening experience. It takes me back to when I first realized the vast difference between Coca-Cola in Mexico and the United States. Team Mexico because team cane sugar! 

It was well over a decade since I last stepped foot into a McDonald’s living in the United States, but I’ve been around plenty of people who ate it around me, and it… was pretty offsetting to me. No offense to those of you who love it. Hey, I really love stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut so… I get you. 

I gave McDonald’s, also known as Macca’s here in Australia, a try and… it’s pretty good stuff in my opinion. Is it the most amazing burger ever? Nah… but I’m really impressed with the quality of ingredients used in their products here in Australia compared to the United States. 

Under no circumstances am I advocating that any fast food place to be healthy, and I call bullshit toward lobbyists who fund the research toward these corporations who claim otherwise. Fast food should be eaten in moderation as an occasional treat. *pinches tummy* 

I really appreciate Australia for having stricter regulations regarding their food quality and wish the United States was on board with it. I’ll get into that more in the future. For now, let’s try yummy truffle burgers and chips together! Truffle as in yes, truffle, not truffle oil, which was engineered by people who make perfume. >=O Gross stuff! 

Enjoy the video guys and thank you so much for the support on my YouTube channel. I have also been sharing my videos on Vidme and appreciate the tips and support. It encourages me to continue to put out the best content I can. 


McDonald’s Nutritional Information Australia – Here

McDonald’s Nutritional Information United States – Here



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Where to Find Mexican Ingredients in Australia

Hey Everyone! One of my current topics to talk about on my YouTube channel is Where to Find Mexican Ingredients in Australia. I as many of you know, I am a native Californian + Hispanic from my mom’s side, and am currently residing here in Australia. One of my greatest challenges in terms of homesickness is finding authentic ingredients/items that remind me a little bit of home. My darling partner has been so supportive in making me feel comfortable as I transition, so he took me to this really cool International Goods market called, PENNISI CUISINE. They have a small selection of Mexican goods, but it’s enough to get by, and a lot of them are goods and ingredients I used back in the States on a consistent basis. 

Where to Find Mexican Ingredients in Australia


I was originally recording, but didn’t end up using any of the footage for my latest video, so I took screen captures of the videos for this blog post lol! That’s why they aren’t as in focus as I would’ve liked, but I still wanted you guys to get an idea of what to expect if you’re looking for Mexican food or ingredients, since things like dried chilies and even pinto beans are not common ingredients here in Australia. Believe me, I was shocked too! 

This, at the time, was the closest cheese I came across that was similar to Queso Fresco, how ever, the texture was a bit too smooth and melty. There are similar fresh cheeses that are pretty much the same thing as Queso Fresco, and heck, I can even teach you guys how to make the stuff in a future video. I think my mission is to bring fresh and amazing Mexican food to the Australian people. I hope my mom is proud of me. 


Where to Find Mexican Ingredients in Australia

If you want fresh, homemade and EASY TO MAKE corn tortillas, you want to get Masa Lista (pretty much translates to ready flour). There are other brands at times, but this corn flour is cured with lye which not only releases the nutrients from the corn itself, but tenderizes the flour. All you need is hot water and some sea salt for corn tortillas you guys. My family and I make them on a consistent basis now (about weekly) because we love them so much and because there aren’t many good ready to buy brands that I’m used to back home. 


Where to Find Mexican Ingredients in Australia

Las Palmas is a ready to use brand that a lot of Mexican Americans, including myself, grew up on for homemade enchiladas. Unfortunately I could only find Mild, but I like the Medium one personally since it’s what my family used to buy, and just spicy enough (this stuff is pretty spicy tbh). I was really excited to see this stuff and picked some up so I can make some of my childhood favorites for my family. 

Where to Find Mexican Ingredients in Australia

On both occasions that I’ve visited, I was happy to see a few flavors of Jarritos, which is one of my favorite drinks back home. Last time they did have Coca-Cola from Mexico in the glass bottles, which if you see it, GET IT! It’s made with cane sugar, so I preferred it over the high fructose corn syrup option the U.S. loves so much. 

I did enjoy some of these yummy finds on video, so be sure to check that out, like and subscribe too please! This helps me continue to share my experience as an American in Australia, learn about Australian culture and food, teach Australians about my culinary background and of course, help others in my position feel a little closer to home. 


Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge Fail Video!

Hey Fam! I recently uploaded the super popular Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge and… well.. I failed! Ah! I still had a lot of fun filming this video, and technically it was my very first challenge. I will however, and I promise, re-do the Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge Fail Video! I shall redeem myself by remembered to drain the water out from the noodles. Sigh… 

I guess it’s a habit. I was a bit nervous to be honest then when I tasted the yummy noodles I was a little confused. I had seen so many fellow YouTubers flipping out, crying, spitting, shaking over these noodles, but turns out, they were spicy (with water) but not… insanely spicy. 

So I guess I am once again nervous! LOL! Thank you guys for all of the love and support. I am a woman of my word, and the spicy noodle will once again be challenged! 

Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge Fail Video!

Order Korean Spicy Noodles by Samyang Ramyun  HERE


I found these noodles at my local Korean grocer, so keep a lookout the next time you’re shopping. Samyang Ramyun has a few other amazing noodles as well, and I will be eating them (I bought the Chicken Curry and the Cheesy Ramen! 

American Tries Weird Australian Candy

Hey Guys! I had SO much fun trying some very unusual Australian candies this week! I wanted to thank everyone for the love and support for my growing channel. I love taste testing and mukbang videos so much. 

If you are interested in a mukbang show without the smacking and noisy chewing, welp, my content just might be what you’re looking for. Oh, and I’ve added some affiliate links regarding some of the products I tried for your convenience! I hope you guys enjoy and if you have any recommendations, please feel free to let me know! Please keep in mind that all opinions are my own. This content was not sponsored. 🙂 



Chiko Babies
Cherry Ripe
Turkish Delight
Musk Sticks




Hey Fam! I wanted to say thank you for supporting my revived YouTube channel, and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying MY MUKBANG EATING SHOW! It makes me really happy and motivates me to continue to create content, and as I get the hang of vlogging, I’ll continue to make my best efforts so that my content is of the best quality I can offer. You’ve all been nothing but awesome, and I’m really feeling ambitious to grow my little online imprint because of the positive vibes. When I can’t film or write, I feel like I’m missing out on capturing content that could be informative, and hopefully entertaining, for you all! 

I have some creative projects planned for both my website(s) and YouTube channel. They will take time, and right now I am recording with an iPhone 6 Plus. I’ll continue to do my best and make my best efforts. I love eating shows (mukbang) and am so excited to have my own little spot in the mukbang universe. I may be a small fry still, and perhaps I’m a bit shy and don’t like to chomp chew slurp and gasp while I’m eating, but I do things in my own style, and all I can promise is to be genuine! 








Here are a few of my recent mukbang videos. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know! I have a few planned ahead, but I would like to continue to eat and teach while I’m eating. 🙂 You guys are ridiculous and amazing. I hope I contribute some how in my own weird and little way to bringing a smile to your face.