Trying Weird TimTam Falvors: Turkish Delight, Cherry Ripe-inspired, Iced Coffee TimTams

Hey Cakepops! 

As always, thank you so much for the recommendations as I continue to explore (and eat) my way through beautiful Australia. In the video below I tried a variety of brand new TimTams that are fresh off the shelves here in Australia. We had fun trying Turkish Delight, Cherry Ripe inspired (Cherry Ripe is a cherry soaked coconut candy bar dipped in chocolate here in Australia) and Iced Coffee. I loved and hated some of the varieties, but definitely recommend everyone trying them for yourselves as it is important to try new things to eat! 

Photo Credit: The Pedestrian



For my audience in the rest of the world, if you haven’t tried even the traditional Milk Chocolate TimTams, you are missing out. I beg you to try them! They are delicious little rectangular shaped shortbread-type biscuits filled with chocolate mousse and dipped in a good quality milk chocolate. The chocolate quality in Australia for commercial goodies is generally fantastic, anything that isn’t milk chocolate is classified as compound chocolate, which is shitty. 

I hope the rest of the world can appreciate the glorious TimTam! I remember finding a few traditional varieties back in Sacramento, California at my local World Market (not sponsored).  So if you have one in your area in the U.S., be sure to check it out. I hope you guys enjoy this video! 



BUY TIMTAMS ONLINE: (outside of Australia)


Milk Chocolate:





White Chocolate:



Turkish Delight:

Iced Coffee:

Choc Cherry Coconut: Unavailable online


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