Living in Australia: From Resentful to Happy

Hey Everyone! 

This week I talked about how I have been able to adjust, accept and enjoy living in beautiful Australia. It’s definitely a beautiful country to visit and I can’t wait to show you all more about what I’m discovering and learning here. However, as an expat, it can be tough at times. I was really happy being in my native California, and although moving abroad is a lot of fun, and something I definitely recommend giving a shot, it can be stressful. 

For the longest time, I compared the things I liked and didn’t like about living in Australia. I even have an entire playlist on my YouTube channel called Australia vs USA. Although I really enjoy making those videos for my audience, I definitely go into an unhealthy habit comparing everything when I wasn’t feeling adjusted. So, how did I let it all go? I just accepted that I was here, and decided I’ll make the most of it and embrace the every day life of Australia as my own. It has helped a lot. Me being unhappy had nothing to do with this country. It had to do with me not letting go of the fact that I am not back home right now, and that I had a lot of unsettled feelings regarding people from back home. 

I left the United States making a lot of people unhappy, and that is never a good feeling, but I decided that I deserve to heal and to forgive myself. Although my content will not be changing dramatically on my channel, which focuses mostly on my every day life living in Australia as an expat, it will slightly shift in the sense where I do not wish to do as much complaining like I did before. There is no point in looking to the past when the present is pretty lovely. I hope you enjoy this video and find some insight wherever you may be in the world today. 


Oh, and I will be posting more recipes on this site soon! I have a few great ones planned so stay tuned! 




1 thought on “Living in Australia: From Resentful to Happy

  1. I watch your blogs regularly and I am sad to hear you have been getting such negative feedback, I have loved hearing about the differences between our two countries. And enjoy hearing your take on our country it is refreshing to see Aust through someone else’s eye’s as we often take what we have for granted. Don’t let the haters bring you down, most of them would not have the courage you have, to relocate to a new country, or to tell you their grievances your face.

    Unfortunately we all have to listen to them whine about every little thing, I personally just continue to live my life to the fullest, be the best I can, and don’t waste any time on negative people.

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