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Premium Vegemite over Traditional?

Hey Everyone! I know I’m not the only American who loves Vegemite, but sometimes it feels like it. I have this secret sort of desire to convince Americans to appreciate the umami, salty, almost soy sauce-like spread that Australians love and grew up enjoying for breakfast. My kids and I love Vegemite and we eat it often! So with that out of the way, when I heard of Premium Vegemite, I was a bit skeptical but discreetly hopeful. A Vegemite that is supposed to be better than Vegemite? :O So, Premium Vegemite over Traditional? 

Premium Vegemite over Traditional?

So I took to YouTube and did a back to back comparison. As you’ll see in my video, although the texture of Premium Vegemite is nice and smooth, the taste is only slightly, if at all a bit more concentrated. So, you can pay $7.00 AU for 150 grams of Premium Vegemite, or $4.00 AU for 380 grams of the original. I’ll personally stick to the latter, but it was fun to try. If you happen to see the Premium Vegemite on sale like I did, I think at Woolworths for $2.50, sure, give it a try if you’re curious, but I personally don’t recommend this over Old School. It was fun to try for everyone, and I’ll gladly try any Vegemite recipe or product. I’m kind of an obsessed foreigner of the stuff here in Australia. 


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