Expat Depression as an American living in Australia

Hey Cakepops! I haven’t written a non-food related article in a while, and wanted to share a little bit about Expat Depression as an American living in Australia. It’s not easy at times. Moving to a new land is a roller coaster of emotions. You’ll have good days and bad days, but regardless, just follow your heart and try to surround yourself with supportive people around you. I’m blessed to have my amazing partner Ben. He truly has made this process easier on me, despite the times I’ve sobbed, doubted, questioned and mourned my life back in California. I could not lift my head up as high as I do without him, so please find that support. 

If you are truly isolated in your new country, please join an online community, or do what I did and start making YouTube videos. You’d be amazed at how much of a community you’ll form through your experience as an expat. I started to upload videos in December of 2016 simply because I was depressed, a little weary and although happy with my relationship, I just had a lot of new changes in my life that were overwhelming. Making videos for me was an outlet, and through that outlet I have built a community of kind locals who support me, guide me through their native country, and let me know when I’m wrong. 

It’s not about online popularity, but a sense of community and sense of purpose, which is what I’ve found through vlogging and blogging. Expat Depression is very normal. You are not alone at all. You can reach out to me here, or on Twitter, YouTube, or even my business e-mail, which some do. I will continue to try to help people through my process. I can’t always get back to everyone at once, but I will make my efforts, and even if it feels good to vent to someone who can relate, hey, that’s a plus! Living in Australia has been an amazing experience, and when I find myself mourning my home, my old life, a part of my history, I look toward the new community that has welcomed me here in Australia. 

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