Hey Everyone! Today’s post is focused not on a recipe, although I will gladly make some vegan pies soon for you all, but on where to find reliable and tasty plant-based treats here in Australia. As many of you know already, I was a vegetarian for nearly ten years, then for about a year I decided to incorporate meat into my diet. I really missed my old lifestyle, so I decided to eat completely plant-based. I really love how I feel, and have been enjoying the journey of curiously finding and trying new vegan goodies here in Australia. There are so many amazing vegan products back in California, but also, plenty here in Queensland. So, where can you find a vegan meat pie in Australia? Well, I found some amazing ones by this brand, Linda Mccartney, at my local Woolworth’s (a popular supermarket here). 

This product is not sponsored at all. I just wanted to share some goodies that I really enjoy with you all! Enjoy the video! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel or just stop by to say hello! 



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