Australia vs USA: Commercial Honey

Hey! What’s up everybody?! Today’s video is focused on commercial honey and the integrity of honey distribution and labeling in Australia compared to the United States. I make these comparison videos because I am an American who is currently living in Australia, and as a foreigner and a chef, it’s second nature for me to compare ingredients. I noticed that Australia holds such a high standard in general, you are #4 world-wide after all for great food practices, and it has taken me some time to relax into my shopping habits here in Queensland. Although I am a proud Californian native, and blessed to have lived most of my life surrounded by beautiful agriculture and an abundance of fresh, local produce, honey etc, it’s still pretty messed up how shady commercial products are in my home country. 

Were you aware that 75% of the honey sold in the United States isn’t even honey? It’s mostly corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, some water and a touch of honey that is depollinated in China, sold to countries with poor regulations that will gladly classify this stuff as 100% honey, then they sell it to the United States, where they bottle it up and label it as 100% honey.  In return, 60% of Australia’s honey is exported to China, because they refuse to eat their shitty honey.

 That kind of stuff really irritates me as a chef, parent and proud American. No wonder why, in my experience, I’m told on the daily how shitty my country is. It’s embarrassing and exhausting to be honest. My intent with these videos isn’t to bash any nation, or blast anyone’s choices. I want to cause awareness towards people who live and travel, and encourage others to support your local farmers. Yes, your honey will be a bit more pricey, but at least you know you’re paying for the real deal. 

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Thanks for all of your support guys!

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