Screwed Me Over

Hey Everyone! Most of my purchases, if not all of them, these days revolves around content that I create for this blog and my growing YouTube community. A while back, I invested in almost $50.00 (for 7 food items) from the United States from USAFoods[dot]com[dot]au and 3 of those 7 items were expired. I was pretty disappointed as I discovered this while filming what was supposed to be a fun unboxing video for my audience. Screwed Me Over

My intentions was to show Australians and Americans a few common items that aren’t available here in Australia. Some of my favorite things from my childhood and even some things that my partner, Ben has discovered during one of our trips to the U.S. By now I think everyone who is subscribed to me knows how much I love black olives and Hot Cheetos haha!


PLEASE OPEN PHOTO IN NEW WINDOW (can’t blow up image for some reason) 

I kindly sent this company an e-mail requesting a refund for just those 3 items and even apologized for having to complain. My intent was to keep this company as a long term client as I had plans for future videos showing my Australian audience, which is about 70% of my YouTube audience,  all the fun and even absurd snacks we pump out back home in the United States. 


Instead of receiving an apology and a refund JUST for the items (not even including the massive shipping I paid for those items) I received a backhanded response with shady business practices from the CEO of USAFoods(au). My credit was a fuckin coupon code that this shitty company spams my junk inbox with consistently. You sent me expired products and I can’t even get a refund for that? Screwed Me Over Screwed Me Over Screwed Me Over


Food should not be wasted so we will sell overpriced expired goods to you. Also, it’s still fine to eat since we double check ourselves, since we’re you know, not confident, and to us it’s good, so it should be good for you too. WTF is that about? How many customers has this company insulted with this bullshit? It’s unacceptable and I will NEVER do business with them again. When I received these items, I was pretty disappointed, but as you can see in my video, I still maintained my composure, had a few laughs and moved on. I was sure that once I kindly e-mailed them I’d receive a refund, an apology and then it would be done with. I was willing to give USAFoods[dot]com[dot]au a second chance too! 

I was looking for a company here in Australia that sold American and possibly Mexican goodies that I could be a long term customer of, so I could create fun content for my subscribers who always encourage me to post fun videos, but instead of being a decent company, they screwed me over, and gave me a PARTIAL refund for two of the 3 items damaged. When I mean partial, I mean they gave me $11 out of the $13 they owed me for just the chips. Yea, you want to pay $13 for two bags of expired chips right? How fucking petty and greedy. Their reason was because they were going to put them on clearance anyways and as you can see, Ï happened to have caught that when they were probably about to put them on clearance soon.”



At the end of the day, I wanted to state CLEARLY that I love the integrity that Australian small businesses have on average. This fuck wit company isn’t one of them. My experience as a newbie in this beautiful country has been mostly pleasant. People here take much more pride in their work on average than that I’ve ever seen in the United States, and employees tend to be super helpful and friendly. I’ve had experiences at my local super market where my American bank card has frozen, and a few employees assisted me on where the local ATM machine was, how to use it and if I needed them to hold my items they’d be happy to. 

So I want to make it clear to people who may not be from Aus, that this is not the normal in business integrity. This company in particular is a bunch is not ran properly, and I am not the first person who has noted that.  Read Reviews HERE 

I also wanted to thank my awesome supporters who have made me feel welcome here. You guys encouraged me to not settle and be stepped on by this company. It made me realize that I shouldn’t just think about how it makes me feel, but how it makes others feel and I can some how at least make a small impact in my own wacky style so people don’t have to deal with gross customer service. 


After filing a dispute with Paypal, and the company (USAFOODS) claiming that customers who complain are simply attention seeking, I won my dispute and got my refund. 

If you receive spoiled or expired food from this company I highly recommend that you dispute for the cost of those out of date goods. Customers should not have to pay a large amount of money for expired food. Please do not send any harassing comments or anything that would not be constructive toward this business. It is NOT my intention to harass or abuse anyone. My intention was to set an example that it is NOT okay to abuse your customers or to take advantage of people. This does not mean that it is appropriate for customers to do that to anyone. 

Thanks guys! 




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