The Only Cheetos in Australia?

Hey Everyone! This week I shared a video on my YouTube channel trying one of your recommendations here in Australia; Bacon Cheetos! I LOVE how I receive so many requests on trying new things and recipes from such nice people here in Australia, and wanted to give you my feedback on what seems to be the only Cheetos in Australia! From my understanding, Australia used to sell traditional Cheetos, and a lot of you wish they sold Hot Cheetos, trust me, I do too!

All in all, this was a really fun and memorable experience. Last month, I tried Corn Soup Cheetos from Taiwan and that was a lot of fun. You guys seem to enjoy these sorts of videos, so I will definitely continue to make them until you, or my waist line, tell me to stop! If you would like to try Bacon Cheetos yourself, click here! They are available on Amazon for those of you who aren’t in Australia. I’m not sure if they ship world-wide, and can’t wait until one day Amazon CAN do such things *cries*

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