Queso Fresco Recipe

Hey Everyone! Being here in beautiful Australia has been life changing for me, not only as a chef but as a human being with a spirit which desires to learn and grow. However, being homesick is quite normal and can sometimes filter those beautiful learning experiences. One way I work through those dark clouds is by sharing my culture with my partner, Ben. It’s important as an expat to not limit yourself to learning about your significant other’s culture, if you’ve moved to a foreign country to close the long distance gap. My partner makes a big effort in making me feel comfortable, and even cooking for me when I feel homesick, which is pretty sweet, so if you have a loved one who moved overseas for you, be sure to be mindful of their feelings as they transition too! 

Queso Fresco Recipe

Queso Fresco is a fresh cheese, originated in Jalisco, Mexico, but is made and enjoyed all throughout Latin America. It can be made with goats and/or cow’s milk, and although a traditional application includes the use of rennet, this recipe uses acid and heat for coagulation. This Queso Fresco recipe is a fantastic introduction to cheese making. It’s approachable, and you probably have the ingredients on hand in your kitchen already. I use apple cider vinegar and lime juice in this recipe, but not to worry,  it does not leave your cheese tasting astringent. 



I hope you enjoy this recipe! <3

Queso Fresco
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  1. 4 Liters Whole Milk
  2. 1/4 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. 1 Lime
  4. 3 TBSP Sea Salt
  1. In a large pot, pour in milk and SLOWLY bring up to a simmer.
  2. Once milk is simmering, add in your salt and apple cider vinegar.
  3. Stir for about 20 minutes as the curd separates from the whey.
  4. Add in a squeeze of lime juice every so often to help coagulation.
  5. Once you have about a 1:4 ratio of curd:whey, strain into a tea towel lined sieve into a large bowl.
  6. Gently press curds into tea towel and let rest at room temperature for one hour.
  7. Place cheese into a fresh tea towel and let continue to drain and rest in the fridge for about 3 hours.
  8. Wrap in cling wrap or a sandwich bag. Please change to fresh wrap/bag every two days.
  9. Eat cheese within one week.
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