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Corn Soup Cheetos

Hey Everyone! Today we tried yet another obscure flavored snack food, Corn Soup Cheetos! I found these by random at one of my local Asian grocers in the Brisbane area and immediately thought of you guys. I’m glad I picked up a bag because we had a lot of fun trying them. A few weeks ago I taste tested White Chocolate Sake KitKat and that was such an awesome experience, that I became inspired to write some delicious future desserts for you. 

Corn Soup Cheetos

Unfortunately, I cannot find these ANYWHERE online, other than the same limited edition flavor from Japan, but as far as Corn Soup Cheetos in Taiwan, I’m unable to give you guys some sources so you can try them too. These chips had a sweet scent to them, and tasted like cream of corn chowder. They were pretty pleasant and mild in taste. I would buy them again and look forward to trying more interesting flavors by familiar snack foods. 

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