When Should Bloggers Take A Break from Content Creating?

Hey Fam! I wanted to express how thankful I am for everyone’s support. This blog is almost at 25 thousand subscribers and my new YouTube channel is over 1 thousand now. I’m really thrilled and enjoy creating fun, entertaining and informative videos and posts for you all on a consistent basis. I haven’t really focused on the social media stuff too much to be honest, and really need to. I just have a lot to do and don’t know where to begin. It’s like walking into a hoarder’s house and being told to clean up with no cleaning tools. You have no idea where to start or how. 

Although emotionally and physically I feel fantastic, lately I have been feeling very mentally drained. I think due to life’s stresses and the pressure to continue to grow what I’ve worked so hard to build has been creeping up on me, and I feel a bit overwhelmed. Despite having a journal full of amazing ideas and recipes, I feel like I’m currently lost in translation. 

I am going to be taking a few weeks off from creating content, but I am not leaving any of this behind. I thought I owed you the respect to let you know formally that I’m going to be away. I have business to tend to that is boring and behind the scenes of the content creating machine, and want to focus on designing new recipes and gathering materials for my growing portfolio. I have to revamp the e-shop for this blog and do prepare for a super secret big project. I just need a little mental break so I can unwind and then focus on creating organized and thoughtful content. 

If you are a content creator too, you should do this when you feel like you can’t focus on anything. I’ve been in this situation before but I feel like it’s really insane at the moment. Bloggers get really caught up in the idea that if we aren’t creating anything then people will forget we exist. When you’re casually blogging as a hobby it’s one thing, but when you work 60 hours a week you feel the need to keep going so all of your hard work isn’t for nothing. 

One thing is for sure, working in kitchens like I used to and blogging have a lot in common; there is ALWAYS a job that needs to be done. When you’re a one-man-show, sometimes it feels like you’re climbing up a mudslide. 

I love you all so much. It’s overwhelming to me how doing what I love has helped me adjust to a foreign country and a new life. I’m a very blessed individual and no matter how big or small the Amby fam is, I promise I will always do my best to treat you all with the up most respect. 

Thank you for helping me transition to my beautiful new life, while healing my beautiful yet painful previous life in a creative manner. I will be back. I just need to unwind as I cannot seem to concentrate at all on anything lately. 

I’ll be doing a bit of traveling soon too, and will be sure to share those experiences with you. I love you so much *hugs* Thank you guys for all the support. Remember to take care of yourselves and do something nice for yourself every single day. Be better than yesterday. You guys have inspired me to do so and you’ve watched me at my highest points and some of my lowest ones. I’ll always be open and honest with you.  See you soon! xoxoxo





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