Are Australians Anti-American?

Hey Everyone. I posted a video yesterday discussing my feelings on some Australians coming across as either anti-American, or just being rude about the things the United States isn’t really classy at. Look, I get it. I understand that America has a fucked up government, our public education is an atrocity, our food industry and the FDA are full of filthy liars, horrible practices and let’s not get started on the entire Social Justice movement where everyone is fragile and triggered. 

However, that is not what America stands for to me. I come from a line of a hard working family who did more jobs than most Social Justice warriors would ever do for one day in their lives let alone do it in order to support their children in hopes that they take further steps in ensuring their futures. Families like mine have made many sacrifices with gratitude for the United States. It is at the moment, in a state of decay, but that doesn’t mean I, or any other American in Australian should be happy to hear about how shit our country is. 

With that being said, I’m not suggesting Australians watch what they say to Americans, whether they are in America or we are here in Australia. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts, but so am I. I’m allowed to respond and tell you that it’s absolutely draining when every conversation revolves around me being an American from a shitty country. 

It’s unfair that here, as an expat, I’m expected to tolerate so much bashing of being an American, but the moment I criticize something minor like, a type of food I am not a fan of, then holy fuck I am a disgrace and don’t deserve to be here. 

That mindset, is similar to the intolerant mindset of the fragile social justice warriors of the United States that Australians loath, and I’d hate to see them go down that route. As a whole, Australia has been warm and welcoming, and I’m so happy to experience the rich cultural influences, historical pride and beautiful scenery nature has provided Down Under. It doesn’t mean I’m going to apologize for my opinions that are opposing to yours as a country. If you are so triggered by me saying your bacon is shitty, or… there is more to life than Tasty Cheese, then imagine how I feel constantly being reminded about how fucked up the United States is, when you’re only opinion is based off of what the media allows you to see, where I, and a handful of others in our little Amby community have lived in both of these places. 

We can have an indifference of opinions, but don’t cry when I respond to your rudeness. With that being said, this is not a generalization. A lot of Aussies have been really helpful and kind to me online and offline, so I don’t want these negative experiences to dilute that. 


Thank you all for the continued support. I will continue to do my absolute best to break down these stupid stereotypes that each nations has of each other. I do know though, that a lot of you have been very open minded and constructive. I appreciate it and always welcome my opinions to be challenged as it helps me grow as a person. However, most of you have just been supportive. Thanks guys! 

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