Geeky Goodies: Animal Crossing Stationary

Hey Fam! I would like to start a new series on my blog and YouTube channel, where I share some cool gaming, anime, comic etc. stuff that I come across. Since I am often asked, “where did you get that?” now I can show you all! So, welcome to Geeky Goodies: Animal Crossing Stationary. I also have my own ecommerce store as well, NerdyMerch, so be sure to check that out. 

I think I’ve made it clear by now that my kids will be headed to California to spend spring break and some of summer with the rest of their loved ones. As much as I’m going to miss them I strive for ways for us to keep in touch. I even have an article about international co-parenting. My kids and I are extremely close, and we all happen to love the video game franchise, Animal Crossing. We were playing one of the older games a few nights ago, Animal Crossing Wild World, and were writing letters to some of our friends in town. My daughter made the suggestion that we should write little letters on pretty stationary to each other. 

Geeky Goodies: Animal Crossing Stationary

I happened to have some Animal Crossing stationary, as I originally bought it for this exact reason. This stationary is handmade by an Etsy seller, CraftWithZeal and I highly recommend you check them out. They do ship world-wide, but please keep in mind that shipping to Australia will be a bit of a financial hit. This has nothing to do with the seller at all, but importing taxes. I purchased this stationary while I was in California, and was very pleased with the prompt service, and personal touches this seller added. She even drew a picture of Isabelle from Animal Crossing New Leaf on my envelope. I wish I still had it! Geeky Goodies: Animal Crossing Stationary

The Etsy seller even wrote a hand written thank you card on her stationary. These special little touches made me so happy, and I had always meant to get around to reviewing this store. I love supporting small, creative businesses and think blogging is a great platform to do just that. 

Geeky Goodies: Animal Crossing Stationary

I highly recommend CraftWithZeal and will definitely purchase from her again. 

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