Trying Kinder Surprise as an American

Hey Everyone! If you aren’t familiar with Kinder Surprise, they are chocolate covered eggs with an encapsulated center, which contains a fun toy or prize. These are a part of so many people’s childhoods worldwide, but if you’re an American like myself, then they aren’t. They’re actually illegal in the United States due to a law that passed in 1938 which prohibits the distribution of any confection containing an inedible center. 

Trying Kinder Surprise as an American

Kinder Surprise is an Italian founded product, and although in my opinion this ban should be somewhat lifted, many believe the capsule to be a major choking hazard. I will say, the capsule is pretty large, but opinions aside, I had a really enjoyable time with the kids as we filmed ourselves opening about 10 of these super cool eggs. The chocolate is really good too! Some of the advertising eggs for licensed brands were pure chocolate, while the regular ones were milk chocolate with a white chocolate lining. 

Australia and Europe have a pretty high standard for what classifies as chocolate, so the product itself is great. I’ll have to save that for another post and video though! 

You can be fined up to $2,500 per egg in the United States if you’re caught trying to smuggle them into the country. They are even on Canada’s customs checklist because so many people try to sneak them in, but most I’m sure are unaware of this crazy law since it is just a fun confection. I’m pretty sure most legal authorities will be forgiving and simply confiscate your Kinder Eggs, but is it really worth the hassle and time? 

This experience was not only entertaining, but educational as well. My kids enjoyed learning about the legalities behind Kinder Surprise, and we had a pretty long discussion about them together. 

Until my next Australian adventure, take care!



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