Positive Ways to Conquer High Stress

Hey Everyone! As some of you know, I’ve been having a REALLY difficult week. I’ll save the details (I talked a little bit about it in my recent vlog, but I wanted to share with you guys some of the positive ways I’ve been conquering high stress. I figure if I can help others during times of difficulty, that in itself is a great motivator to make smart choices! 

Positive Ways to Conquer High Stress


Don’t drain those around you, but vent to those you can count on. If you have nobody, either vlog, write (whether it be public or private), and just let out that stress. If you’re talking amongst others regarding your current events, try to abstain from gossip. I know… I know… and I am guilty as heck when it comes to this, but I really make an effort to focus on my feelings, instead of an opposing party’s feelings, actions or attitude. No matter what you do, they won’t change, so why even bother giving them the energy? Where will it leave you other than frustrated still? It’s best to vent about your current feelings. Yes, some may be curious, and I believe it’s appropriate to give a quick breakdown on what’s happening, but make sure you are focused on your current feelings and how you can overcome them. Trust me, you’ll feel much better. 


It’s so tempting to binge out on junk food, booze and for some people drugs. DON’T do this guys. I know, I know, feels good man! but that stuff isn’t going to contribute to you feeling better. You’ll only feel like shit the next day, or even same day if you’re very indulgent. If you want pizza, make a healthy one. Some whole wheat pita, a little olive oil, pasta sauce and cheese goes a long way guys! Drink ice cold coconut water, or something healthy and nourishing (I love chocolate coconut water. It’s hella good!) I try to abstain from copious amounts of caffeine when I’m stressed out, so I turn to healthier alternatives like iced green tea and chocolate coconut water. 


I’m not a religious woman, but I am a spiritual one. Spirituality is about feeding your spirit with healthy stuff, positive affirmations, calming your mind and going to sleep happy at night. I’ve been getting into chanting lately, and it’s really been helping me fall asleep. I chant in my head so I don’t wake up my darling significant other, but I chant things that I wish were already my reality (I am the most successful blogger in the world”) etc. and it’s totally okay to be self absorbed in that manner. Obviously I’m not in competition with any fellow amazing bloggers, but I want to be the best in MY eyes, and strive for it. However, you gotta convince yourself that you are before you become. I’m a huge believer in that Law of Attraction (yes, I love both the book and documentary of  The Secret and recommend it to everyone). Listen to spiritual and soothing YouTube loops, feed your mind with calm and peace. 



What would you do if you could get paid for doing it for the rest of your life? What would you consider investing into if you already have/or had millions of dollars? Do that. For me, it’s blogging. If I won 200 million dollars today, I would still blog, make YouTube videos and venture into my creative avenues and expertise (I’m a professional cook and been playing the guitar for almost 2 decades). Do what you love guys. If you wish you were a famous singer, get your ass on YouTube and start singing, get a SoundCloud account, and dive into your passions and dreams. THAT is how it works. I cope by playing music, writing on my platforms and writing recipes. Now, I get to vlog as well and it’s amazing. Don’t be shy. Go for it. You’ve got this one beautiful life! 


I don’t care if it means calling in sick, turning your phone off, and closing all of the curtains. You don’t need to check your mail right this second. Your health is important. You need to take time out for yourself and sometimes be selfish. We live in this world where we feel like we constantly owe everyone else an explanation. Yes, sometimes us taking time for ourselves means someone else will be inconvenienced. This isn’t a habitual mindset, and this advice should be taken sparingly. If you’re going through a time of grieving, a time of extreme stress, please take some time to yourself. The rest of the world will do just fine for a day or even a week. Put yourself first. Guilt free. 

It gets better

Remember that this will get better. Even tragedy gets easier to cope with. Scars from those wounds may always be there, but those wounds will heal. Just take care of yourself and shut the world out for a day or two, and take care of yourself. Don’t self wallow, don’t abuse your body, and please don’t abuse those around you. Just take time to know you are human, there is only so much you can handle and manage at once, and when you decompress you will be able to tackle those problems with a refreshed attitude. 

I sincerely wish you the best. You are obviously here because you are searching for advice, and I’m here to tell you, it will pass, and you will get through this and be stronger for it. I love you guys! 




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