How To Motivate Yourself to Workout

Hey Everyone, as many of you know by now, I’ve been on this 30 Day Positive Vibes Challenge, and I’m in the last week of this new journey. During this time, I’ve been motivated to exercise again. I thought it would be great to share a few quick tips on How To Motivate Yourself to Workout. I hope this information helps you like it has me. 

How To Motivate Yourself to Workout

No Tunnel Vision 

We get stuck in the cycle of thinking about the end result; I want to be thin and wear nice clothes. This is the worst thing I could’ve done for myself. Although I still want to look trim and wear cute clothes, I am hyper-focused on how I feel. Taking better care of your physical health is a chain reaction to everything else in your life in my experience. I feel happy mentally because I feel happy physically. Not because a few people tell me I look good. 

Post Workout Bliss

I love how I feel after a workout. I’m able to relax after a cool shower, some chocolate coconut water and comfy pajamas. When I DON’T workout, I feel like a blob when I do these things. That buzzy feeling is what I live for. 

Motivated to Eat Well

I tend to make smarter dietary choices when I’m exercising. When I don’t, I don’t beat myself up for it. I’ve been slowly adjusting my diet and keeping it all balanced. Too often we make choices then force ourselves to fail, then mentally lecture ourselves for it. How does this make any sense? 

A Little is Better Than None

Not in the mood to workout today? Go for a quick walk, do some yoga, stretch, anything! Do some push-ups during a commercial break. A little bit of TLC is better than not getting up off of your ass and making changes. Little steps turn into long runs. 

Happy Body Happy Mind 

Our minds and bodies work cohesively. If you don’t know how to fix your mental health, then fine tune your physical health. I’ve benefited tremendously from this. I am waking up from a really horrible past two years of my life. I worked out in order to cope with it and it was vital for me to have exercise as an outlet. I couldn’t control anything else going on in my life, so I took control of my body and lost about 60 lbs. 

It’s Never Too Late

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what shape you’re in. I see so many people make excuses for why they’re still obese, and I personally refuse to join in. I take accountability for my extra floof but I’m not going to beat myself up for it. I may have missed out on being in shape in my 20’s, but it doesn’t mean I have to live my 30’s that way. I also stopped working out consistently once I moved to Australia. I’m proud to say I haven’t put on any weight, but I could do better. Should have could have, blah blah. It’s in the past. Right now is what matters. 

I hope this information helps you reach your goals. Here are a few videos that cover some of my workout and mental health journey. Enjoy, fam! 



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