Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge Fail Video!

Hey Fam! I recently uploaded the super popular Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge and… well.. I failed! Ah! I still had a lot of fun filming this video, and technically it was my very first challenge. I will however, and I promise, re-do the Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge Fail Video! I shall redeem myself by remembered to drain the water out from the noodles. Sigh… 

I guess it’s a habit. I was a bit nervous to be honest then when I tasted the yummy noodles I was a little confused. I had seen so many fellow YouTubers flipping out, crying, spitting, shaking over these noodles, but turns out, they were spicy (with water) but not… insanely spicy. 

So I guess I am once again nervous! LOL! Thank you guys for all of the love and support. I am a woman of my word, and the spicy noodle will once again be challenged! 

Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge Fail Video!

Order Korean Spicy Noodles by Samyang Ramyun  HERE


I found these noodles at my local Korean grocer, so keep a lookout the next time you’re shopping. Samyang Ramyun has a few other amazing noodles as well, and I will be eating them (I bought the Chicken Curry and the Cheesy Ramen! 

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