How to Gain the Confidence to Vlog in Public

Hey Fam! 

So, as some of you may know, I wanted to know how to gain the confidence to vlog in public, and expressed this a few times on my channel.  The thought of other people staring at me blankly, judging me, curious as to what I was doing terrified me. I already have a bit of a hard time speaking to people in public, but the more I work at it, the easier it has become. There is no easy solution to gaining confidence, but the best advice I can give you is to work towards it. Here are a few tips that will hopefully help boost your confidence in terms of vlogging in public. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for more advice on this, and hang out with me on this confidence-building journey of mine. 🙂 


Conquer the Negative Voice 

I can’t do it. I have social anxiety. People will think I’m stupid. I am stupid… these are all excuses as to why you are choosing not to move forward. I had isolated myself pretty dramatically during a really big bout of depression for a few years, and became so adjusted to my own company, that I no longer had the desire to communicate with others. It also contributed to me developing an almost debilitating and hopeless case of social anxiety to the point where I stopped attending blog events, and found it difficult to even order a bagel. I used self-checkout as much as possible and dreaded interaction with people I didn’t know. 

That was a stupid thing to allow myself to go through and all it did was hold me back. You will never tap into your full potential if you keep using your challenges as excuses. Challenges are no fun, they are challenging for a reason, but you’re better and feel more accomplished for just going for it and tuning out that stupid voice of self doubt. 

Start Small

I started to micro vlog/snapchat (@ambycakes84 btw) to help me adjust to public vlogging. It helped a lot. I started in intimate corners in public places. Outside in my neighborhood, the park where nobody was around, and then gradually started to micro vlog in super markets, then in touristy areas during my recent trip to Hawaii (I know you guys are sick of me talking about it but I learned so much there). 

Set a Date

Do it. Just go out and vlog. Make the date and don’t hold back. Go to the store, go for a walk, just vlog. Vlog about vlogging in public. Your audience is invested in you as well as the information you provide, so remember that. I’m personally learning that myself, and it inspires me to not let anyone down and to stick to what I say I want to do. If you have zero subscribers, just do it anyway, and cherish the few people who stop by your channel. Everyone starts out with zero subs, so remember that! I am still a small fry myself! 😀 

Be an Opportunist 

 Don’t worry about what others may think. Be respectful and mindful that others may not want to be on camera, but just vlog. Even if you have to whisper while you’re telling funny jokes at a fast food joint. Just start coming out of your shell. If others have a problem, it is their problem, and you aren’t that important. No, it’s true. Do you think that random stranger is going to give a shit about what you were doing 5 minutes after you are no longer in their range of sight? Most people don’t mean to be rude, they may be curious or perhaps inspired! I saw a few teenagers today at Westfield who seemed curious about what I was doing. Am I famous or something? Maybe they want to YouTube as well! Hey, and if someone stops and asks if you’re a YouTuber, you could tell them about your channel and make a new friend/subscriber. 

I hope you found this advice beneficial, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck. Feel free to leave your YouTube channel information in the comments, and tell me what you vlog about. I’d love to check your content out and help you grow! I feel really motivated and happy about battling these obstacles. Maybe it’s the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack I’ve been playing on loop for the past month… 


Love always, 


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