Giant Nyan Cat Poptart Recipe

Giant Nyan Cat Poptart Recipe

Hey Fam! 

I thought it would be really cool to add some of my cool projects and recipes from my old blog onto this one. One of my favorite food projects was making a Giant Nyan Cat Poptart. It was even featured on the Official Nyan Cat Facebook Page where over 4 million people had a chance to see my little creation. It was a really cool feeling to have something I made be appreciated by so many people, and it inspired me to continue making cool little recipes like that. 

The assembly is pretty easy to be honest, although it does take a bit of work, you can take short cuts, like use a ready-made or boxed pie crust instead of making a brise like I did, and using a premade jam instead of making it by scratch. I know there are products for instant royal icing that come in powdered form, but to be honest I’ve never used them so I wouldn’t be able to give a reliable opinion on them. However, I will provide a recipe for homemade royal icing. Yes, it contains uncooked egg whites, no, you won’t get sick. I know a lot of Americans understandably are highly offset by eggs but I assure you with my professional opinion, you’ll be fine. 

Giant Nyan Cat Poptart Recipe

For Nyan Cat’s head, feets and tail, I used a template online, which are super easy to find and blow up to your own size, then I taped parchment paper over it and piped the outline of his body parts in black royal icing, then his eyes and cheeks, and flooded the rest with grey royal icing once those parts were dry in a few hours. Flooding pretty much means you pipe royal icing until it floods to the edge of hard royal icing, it’s how you fill cookies! 

I always recommend gel food coloring. It’s much more reliable and easier to adjust your pigments. Black is VERY hard to achieve in the baking and pastry world, so when you’re setting aside your royal icing for your black portions, be prepared to use a bit more of your black gel coloring than you may anticipate. Dilute it out with white until your desired shade of grey!

Nyan Cat’s body was 10×13 inches and took approximately 45 minutes to bake at 325 degrees F/ 160 C. Let his body cool down completely before going crazy and adding pink royal icing or you’ll create a big mess. Use leftover royal icing to adhere his head to his body, and pixelated sprinkles as well! You could use regular sugar sprinkles if you’re lazy, and that’s okay! Just add them when the pink royal icing is still wet. 

This was a really fun project and my family had a great time helping me and of course, eating him. (I ate his feet). I hope you enjoy guys! 


Standard Royal Icing Recipe
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  1. 1 Egg White
  2. 1 3/4 C Confectioner's Sugar
  3. 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  4. 1 TSP Lemon Juice
  1. Using a hand mixer and a very clean bowl, whisk egg whites at low speed and add vanilla and lemon juice.
  2. Sift and add about 1/4 cup of confectioner's sugar at a time. Once combined fully, add more.
  3. Once your royal icing starts to thicken, adjust your mixer's speed.
  4. Store in a clean, airtight container and use within 1 week.
  1. Lemon juice is used to create a glossy effect.
  2. Royal icing is commonly used and 100% edible.
  3. Triple this recipe for a Giant Nyan Cat
  4. Metal mixing bowls will alter the color of your royal icing. Use glass if possible.
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