Overwatch D.Va Gremlin Cosplay Makeup



My son and I are huge Overwatch fans, and as a fun surprise I did my makeup today like D.Va, along with my new favorite D.Va Bunny decal t-shirt I purchased from Amazon. He loved it and so did my online friends.

I thought I’d share with you the products I used to achieve this simple and fun look. I prefer Korean-style makeup most of the time because it is so dewy and light. In my opinion, it’s a great way to accentuate your natural looks while maintaining a youthful element without looking like you’re trying too hard. I am in my 30’s after all! I’ve personally never been a big fan of the mature, heavy makeup look but mostly because I can’t pull it off well.


On Final Tip: Doritos Mountain Dew are a must to complete D.Va gremlin look! ;D I hope some of these tips come in handy for you serious cosplayers out there. Me? I just like doing this for fun! Loner Life! 😀


Overwatch D.Va Gremlin Cosplay Makeup

Products I used for this look:

     1. BB Cream by SKIN79: This BB cream is 100% my favorite brand and BB Cream by the brand. I’ve tried the gold bottle too, but in my opinion, the pink bottle is brighter. The coverage is great so remember, a little goes a long way. I like to mix it with the #2 product, Etude House Face Conditioning Cream for a more supple and hydrated look. A little goes a long way so I use a little more than a pea-size amount for the cream and double it for the BB cream.

      2.   Etude House Face Conditioning Cream: This stuff is a must in my arsenal. Sometimes BB creams can be a bit on the dry side. I have normal-dry skin so I need all the help I can get. This cream also brightens your complexion and protects skin from harmful rays from the sun, so a lot of times when I’m lazy I just apply this to my face as-is and head out for exercise/run errands. It’s a fantastic product!

3. Benefit High Beam: This highlighter is the best I’ve tired. I used to be obsessed with Artificial Light by Smashbox but seem to have a difficult time finding it these days. However, in my opinion, High Beam is even better. It gives an extremely light hint of a rose color which makes your dewy makeup look even more natural. I apply a small amount to the bridge of my nose, my cupid’s bow, cheek bones and brow bones. Sometimes I dab a little on the crease of my chin right under my bottom lip and finish with a little bronzer.

4. MAYBELLINE Stiletto Liquid Liner: For a drugstore brand, this stuff is really impressive and affordable. I paid  under $10.00 for it and it’s long lasting, not cakey and comes in brown and black. I love using brown liquid liner because as you age, sometime black liner can weigh down your eyes which make you appear a little older. So for my everyday makeup, I stick to brown liners and mascaras. I simply create a classic wing tip on my top lid.

   5. Etude house Tear Eye Liner: This stuff is delicately sparkly and completes a lot of my looks. I use this product on the bottom lids to emulate the famous aeygo look which makes your eyes look a little puffy and cute. I like that this product isn’t heavy. It gives a subtle pop to achieve an age appropriate version of cute puffy eyes.

  6. Missha LINE Friends Mascara: I like this mascara a lot. The price point is very reasonable at under $10.00 USD and it works very well. Is it the best? No, but definitely not the worst. I like it for light makeup days and it doesn’t clump up on lower lashes which is a plus.

 7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow LinerI love this stuff, and have a few shades since I do color my hair and play with wigs. In this photo, I am using the Auburn pot, but use what best suits your aesthetic. A little goes a long way, so it’s worth the price of $18.00 USD. Works great with a small angled brow brush.

   8. Missha LINE Friends Lip Tint: I wrote a review a while back on this stuff, and used this shade, pink soda, for this look. D.Va rocks a soft pink doll lip and this lip tint is perfect for it!  This stuff is great and the packaging is super kawaii!

   9. LuckyFine Special Effects Body Paint:  If you aren’t interested in investing in a Ben Nye makeup kit, LuckyFine makes a really cool pallet perfect for those on a budget or starting out with any sort of cosplay, special effects etc. I love this stuff. It is oil based so keep in mind for smudging. I love this stuff because it does not stain my skin and I haven’t had any issue with it sweating off. It’s under $20.00 USD and overall a very diverse product.

Overwatch D.Va Gremlin Cosplay Makeup

I hope you enjoyed this simple makeup guideline! I loved playing around with this look and even happier it brought a few smiles to peoples faces.

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