SKINFOOD Tomato Milky Face Pack Review

SKINFOOD Tomato Milky Face Pack Review

Hey Everyone!

I was purging my beauty products this evening and realized I had A TON of super cute beauty samples from previous orders. I’ve always meant to try them but… I’m lazy and I forget!

I am personally a HUGE fan of the Korean skincare brand, SKINFOOD. I LOVE their makeup and skin care products, some, like the Peach Sake Serum are amongst my favorite to review and share with you guys.

This evening I exfoliated my face, waxed my brows and felt 100 times better so, I figured I’d test out this Tomato Milky Face Pack. I assumed it would be a decent serum to keep skin well hydrated after so much TLC.

I was wrong.

This stuff you guys, is absolutely AMAZING!

SKINFOOD Tomato Milky Face Pack Review

First of all, it isn’t a serum. It’s a concentrated skin cream. I ended up using half of it on my neck and clavicle since I got too ambitious and heavy-handed and squeezed all of the product out of it’s sample pack. OOPS… You really only need a small amount for your entire face. My face is so dewy and feels silky soft. I will be purchasing this product and will be sharing a thorough review with you guys.

SKINFOOD Tomato Milky Face Pack Review

This photo of me is not ended, no filters no special lighting. Please excuse the hot mess look. This photo was taken at like 3 a.m!

My skin’s complexion looks so much more even and bright. This photo doesn’t do it justice either. I’m not wearing any makeup over or under this product. I just wish it were great for outdoor use (not that I frequent the outdoors) but still.. no SPF. It’s understandable though since it’s more appropriate as a night pack.

 I’m legitimately 100% super happy with this pack even though I’ve only used it once. There is NO irritation at all nor is it heavy. Skin was instantly brighter!

I hope you all enjoy! Take care!



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