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Vanilla Birthday Eyelashes in No. 2 Review



Hey Everyone!

Recently I had the opportunity to try these amazing lashes from Vanilla Birthday. This post is not sponsored just a personal opinion. I was honestly sold on the macarons and cute packaging, see a trend here?

I have a hard time finding good lashes for a really low price since… high quality items usually cost more money! So when I paid about $12.00 USD for a pack of 5 lash sets, I was a little skeptical in how the quality would turn out. I love Dolly Wink lashes after all, but they can run a little high on price.

Vanilla Birthday Eyelashes in No. 2 Review

However, I was sincerely impressed with the quality of these eye lashes by Vanilla Birthday which is easily now one of my top 3 favorite lash brands. The lashes themselves are flexible, light, do not shed, do not kink and are easy to apply and remove from your eyelids.

Vanilla Birthday Eyelashes in No. 2 Review


Wig: 360  Lashes: Vanilla Birthday No. 2

I wore them for this tutorial without heavy eye makeup or liner just so you could see how light they are, and despite the length being obviously natural, the hair itself is perfectly curled and separated giving a light and natural effect.

Vanilla Birthday Eyelashes in No. 2 Review


I highly recommend these lashes and will definitely be purchasing them again in the near future since I have two pairs left. I do reuse my lashes sometimes and sanitizing them with alcohol but… let’s face it, a lot of us are lazy and toss them.

Vanilla Birthday lashes in No. 2 are perfect for me because I wear light makeup, and do not always have the time or patience to do a full face of makeup. BB cream, brows, and maybe a pop of mascara or lashes, lip balm. Done.

I personally can’t find any complaints with these lashes. However, they do not come with their own lash glue, but most of us who do wear falsies whether every day or like me, on occasion, the included lash glue is usually trash anyway. I personally recommend DUO and have been using that brand for years. It’s affordable at around $5.00 a tube, works extremely well and doesn’t irritate my eyes plus it dries clear.



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