Hello Kitty Makeup Remover Wipes Review

Hello Kitty Makeup Remover Wipes Review

I’m a sucker for kawaii packaging, so when I came across this package of Hello Kitty Makeup Remover Wipes from Japan on Amazon, I HAD to try them out. I figured if I didn’t like the wipes themselves, I could always repurpose this cute container, and I was correct!

Hello Kitty Makeup Remover Wipes Review

The packaging for the wipes was a really sweet surprise, since many makeup removal products are quite boring here in the United States, I was expecting a plain, white baggy. However, packaging isn’t everything. The wipes themselves were… disappointing.

They were pretty dry, and reminded me of very cheap baby wipes to be honest. On most makeup days, I wear really light makeup; a little BB cream, my brows filled in, lip balm and maybe some mascara and eye liner. I keep it pretty simple, so these wipes were decent for extremely light makeup days. However, I won’t be purchasing any refills.

Hello Kitty Makeup Remover Wipes Review

You could use the container for baby wipes, or personal wipes as well, along with storing random stuff you have no other place (like hair pins etc.). I had originally paid $12.00 for this but now it’s sold for $18.00.WTF? Not worth it in my opinion but I was happy to try them out and receiving them in the mail did make me feel a bit excited.


heart favicon ksc Adorable and reusable container

heart favicon ksc Container itself is very high quality and durable. Not cheap plastic.

heart favicon ksc Makeup Wipes package was very cute.


tumblr_lkl6q24eyw1qfamg6 Way too expensive ($12 -$18)

tumblr_lkl6q24eyw1qfamg6 Wipes I received were pretty dry


Hello Kitty Makeup Remover Wipes Review

I won’t have these listed on the e-shop since I don’t recommend them, but if you still want to try them for yourself feel free to HERE. Hopefully I received a bad batch. Others who have reviewed these Hello Kitty Makeup Removal Wipes have said they loved them. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them.



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