Dolly Wink Sweet Girly Lashes Review

Dolly Wink Sweet Girly Lashes Review
I recently had the chance to try out Dolly Wink’s false lashes. I had been wanting to review these for ages now, and was so happy I found them on Amazon! I’ve invested more money than I’d like to admit in false lashes over the years, and some have been a huge let down.

However, I was extremely impressed with the quality of Dolly Wink’s lashes! Their liquid eye liner is already my go-to, so I’m not surprised that their lashes are of high quality. Plus, I’m a sucker for cute packaging. ^_^

The Sweet Girly lashes are about $12.00 for two sets, and since they’re soft and flexible, I’ve been able to sanitize them and reuse them a couple of times. (I take rubbing alcohol and sanitize the entire lash then let dry before placing them back into their original packaging.)

One problem I’ve come across with Asian-brand falsies over the years is the width of the actual lash. I often have to trim them and use them for corner lashes since they’re too narrow for my eyes, but Dolly Wink’s lashes fit PERFECTLY on me.


heart favicon ksc Light weight

heart favicon ksc Soft

heart favicon ksc Wide

heart favicon ksc Cute PackagingNatural Looking


tumblr_lkl6q24eyw1qfamg6 A bit expensive $15  (although I like to reuse mine, some people don’t)
Dolly Wink Sweet Girly Lashes Review

I wore these all day and almost forgot I had them on they were so comfortable and flexible! Usually after a few hours most lashes tend to feel a bit heavy. Will purchase again! 

Dolly Wink Sweet Girly Lashes Review

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