Cats Wink Shiny Face Base TONYMOLY

Cats Wink Shiny Face Base TONYMOLY

YAY! I have a ton of TONYMOLY products to share with everyone, and thought it would be great to show you guys the Shiny Skin Base from TONYMOLY’s Cat’s Wink line, which as you can see for yourself, is freakin adorable!

I love the dewy look of Kpop artists and was hoping this skin base helped me achieve this look, but it didn’t. It does however, make for a decent primer and does cancel out some dark spots and a little redness. It wasn’t the best product I’ve ever tried, but it wasn’t that bad. It is a bit heavier than I prefer though.

Cat's Wink Shiny Face Base TONYMOLY

I’d love to try this product in mint and lavender in the future and review on here. Mint and lavender are great for canceling out dark spots and redness on the color wheel, so I look forward to trying these products in the near future.

Oh, and if you’re curious about the adorable Cat’s Wink compact mirror, you can find it here! I bought it ¬†for around $6.00! It’s one of my favorites and I receive a lot of compliments on it! ^_^


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