Beyond the God of Patches Bye-Bye Panda Eyes Review

Beyond the God of Patches Bye-Bye Panda Eyes Review
I am constantly looking for products that will assist in soothing my eyes since I don’t sleep nearly enough. I have tried many products in the past, including a few DIY ones, but sometimes, you need something convenient. Beyond the God of Patches has a wonderful line, and Bye-Bye Panda Eyes patches are fantastic!


Many of us are able to function on little sleep, but sometimes the stinging sensation of sleepy eyes is pretty distracting. I’ve personally found much relief from these eye patches, and although I don’t usually suffer from dark circles, the soothing cool sensation lasts quite a while, they pads aren’t too messy like other eye patches, and I can wear them conveniently under my glasses which allows me to continue to work at my desk on deadlines. There are less expensive eye patches. TONYMOLY for instance has their version but in my opinion these are much more effective and convenient.

Beyond the God of Patches Bye-Bye Panda Eyes Review

I could wear these to the airport during early flights, at my desk while finishing deadlines, or while I’m doing my housework and needing to step outside for a bit to take the trash out or finish my laundry without getting too many awkward stares since the patches themselves are translucent. Other eye patches are white or black with product on both sides of the patch. These are one-sided and much more clean!

Beyond the God of Patches Bye-Bye Panda Eyes Review

I love these eye patches and although I wish they were a little more affordable for everyday use, I am a big fan and would rather invest my hard-earned money into these than others that I’m not as satisfied with just because they’re less expensive. Bye-bye Panda Eyes Patches run from $5-$7 per pair unless you buy them in bulk, 10 pair for $30 but, as I said, still great to have a few pair on hand for those days when you desperately need them! 

Beyond the God of Patches: Bye-Bye Panda Eyes: 


heart favicon ksc Very Effective! Soothes stinging sensation from sleep deprivation.

heart favicon ksc Clean! Simply peel off patch and apply to eyes, instead of removing from messy goopy packet. Perfect to wear under glasses.

heart favicon ksc Discreet, which makes multi-tasking much more easy if needed.

heart favicon ksc Kawaii packaging. Let’s face it, it’s the main reason I was interested in this product.


tumblr_lkl6q24eyw1qfamg6 A bit expensive. Although I can justify the price since the product is so good, it could be a little more reasonable.

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